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Commission sale

We will take Your car to our commission sale!

If You wish to sell your American car, please contact us. We have the only and the biggest American heritage car sales are in Estonia.

The commission sale of cars is located in American Beauty salon and outside in the sale area, where it is possible to meet with all of our available cars during the opening hours. The ad for the commission sale car is up in our homepage and portal. If needed we also use foreign car selling sites.

In agreement we are ready to buy your car straight away. The vehicle may be in leasing property. We will help executing the documents.

Commission sale conditions:

  • The commission fee is 5%, for a car with a price over 32 000€ it is 3, 5%
  • 2 EUR per twenty-four-hours will be considered for a car that remains unsold
  • American Beauty has the exclusive sale rights.

We offer the following preparations for brought in commission sale cars:

  • Interior and exterior wash
  • Polishing, waxing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Diagnostics and repairs
  • Locksmith and car electrician works

If you have bought us your old car, we will help you with finding a new suitable car! In case of need we will order your car from all around Europe or America. Besides USA we have very good partners in Greece, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia and Sweden. We guarantee the car`s confident history and maintenance

tel: 55 17 637